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Your international remittances cheaper, safer and faster

More than 500 million people send money abroad every year. And sadly, thirty billion dollars slip through your fingers, disguised as fixed fees and excessive hidden exchange rates.
And very often, there is a lack of visibility on the panorama of sending solutions available to you!

Kompara’s mission is to tackle these problems and advise you in an independent and totally transparent way.

Thanks to Kompara, from now on, you know the companies that best match your project (help from a relative, payment of an invoice, mobile payment, etc.), you can transfer and save up to 100% on costs!


Restoring purchasing power to senders and recipients

Excessive fees that are charged to both the sender and recipient of the money transfer correspond to evaporating purchasing power.

To do this, we go further than simply taking the “economic” factor into account in our strategic orientations, and implement concrete actions every day to offer you a better quality of life.

Our ambition: to become a company with a positive societal impact in the remittance sector, in order to give you back sustainable purchasing power and support your projects.



Our proposals are made with complete impartiality.


We only recommend accredited and safe companies.


kompara is easy to use
and is always looking for your interest.