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Currency Point: Buying Dollars – Buy in Dollars

, Currency Point: Buying Dollars – Buy in Dollars, Kompara

The EUR/USD has been recovering upwards since 21 February, peaking at 1.12 on 3 March. This trend is particularly fuelled by monetary expectations of the US Federal Reserve. Indeed, the market is considering a reduction in the interest rate of fed funds (decision expected around 18 March).

The latest trend in the JPY/USD is the rebound of the Yen against the Dollar, supported by excess demand for safe haven assets. In the short term, investors could be expected to return to risky assets, despite Coronavirus. 

The uptrend of the Euro and the Yen against the Dollar strengthens the purchasing power for hard currencies and plays into favour of buying dollars or buying dollars.

In the context of the currencies analysed, it is also more interesting to transfer money from the Eurozone or from Japan to the United States rather than the other way around.

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