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kompara is the first comparator at the service of diversity. Its mission is to help you gain purchasing power on your national and international remittances.

Thus, whatever the country you are in and wherever you want to send money, kompara indicates the best companies in terms of fees and quality of service, and accompanies you in the execution of your transaction in complete security.

Transferring or sending money internationally means sending money to another country, for several reasons: family assistance, payment of a bill, payment
between mates, investment, purchase, etc.
To do so, you indicate the country you are in, the country you want to send money to, the amount to send, the
contact details of the recipient of the funds. The transfer company then takes care of forwarding the funds, for a fee.

When transferring money internationally, several types of fees are generally charged by transfer companies: "fee-for-service", "exchange fees", "withdrawal fees".
To find out more, we invite you to consult the dedicated articles in the "Our advice" section.

The exchange rate of a currency (a currency) is the cost (price) of that currency in relation to another currency.
Currency exchange rates are set on the foreign exchange market. Each country or monetary zone decides on its exchange rate regime, either fixed (i.e. constant in relation to a reference currency) or floating (i.e. determined at each transaction, by the balance between supply and demand on the foreign exchange markets).

There are several ways to send money internationally: in a branch, by phone, via the web or via a mobile application.
Money transfers are generally carried out by banks or
transfer companies.

Today, kompara enables you to identify the
best ways to send money. And soon, will accompany you in sending money, via an all-in-one solution.

It is in your interest to always make a comparison before sending money.

Indeed, the fees applied by money transfer companies
often contain a fixed and a variable part (exchange fees). These can at any time make one operator more suitable than another. In addition to the charges you pay at the time of dispatch, the amount actually received by the recipient is decisive in calculating the actual cost of your shipment.

Generally, banks are not the best solutions for sending money. More and more innovative companies are offering competitive prices for high quality services.

For these reasons, we urge you to
always carry out a comparison before sending money.

We provide tips and tricks to help you avoid pitfalls and make the best deals. Do not hesitate to consult them in the dedicated section "Our advice".

By using kompara, you immediately identify the best company in terms of value for money. And you will be able to make your money transfer by clicking on the link that sends you to the transfer company's website.

Of course. We only recommend that you only use trusted companies or banks that are authorised to operate. In addition, we indicate in each result the Trustpilot note
allocated to each transfer company or bank.