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How do you pay for your purchases on the go?

, How do you pay for your purchases on the go?, Kompara

Payments and withdrawals made abroad in the usual currency can be very expensive due to a mechanism called "Dynamic Currency Conversion."

Frequent in shops, hotels, restaurants, tourism, etc., it consists of offering the customer, at the time of his purchase via a payment terminal, to convert the amount of his expenditure into his usual currency.

Seemingly simple and convenient for the client, this can be financially disadvantageous for the customer.

Kompara Council:

In order to prepare for your trip and to make your purchases in complete serenity while on the go, you can:

  • before your trip, find out about the terms and exchange rates offered by your bank
  • exchange cash from your country of residence or identify, in the country visited, an exchange office with advantageous rates (feature soon available on Kompara ????)
  • Use a multi-currency payment card,
  • transfer money to yourself or to a loved one in the country you are visiting. All you have to do is identify the right player beforehand to make the transfer of funds (feature soon available on Kompara ????)

Hoping that this advice will be useful to you, we'll be telling you soon for more tips to save money in managing your currencies.

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