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COVID-19: Prefer dematerialized money transfers

, COVID-19: Prefer dematerialized money transfers, Kompara

As the world is shaken by the health crisis caused by Coronavirus COVID-19, each country and industry is putting in place measures to stop the pandemic as quickly as possible, and to return to normal life and activity.

Containment is applied in several countries in varying proportions, and travel is not recommended or even prohibited.

Kompara Council: 

In this context, for all your money transfers and payments, whether national or international, Kompara strongly recommends to limit physical interventions as much as possible. The use of dematerialized transactions, as proposed by online transfer companies (WorldRemit, etc.) or even banks, is undoubtedly a factor in minimizing the spread of COVID-19.

In short: send the money from home using your computer or mobile phone, and invite your recipients as much as possible to prioritize the dematerialized channel for receiving and using funds (invoice payment application, mobile charging, etc.).

This solution is not only more secure, but it is also generally cheaper to use online transfer companies, rather than companies with agencies.

The less physical intervention there is in the payment and settlement circuit, the sooner we will defeat the COVID-19 ????????.

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See you soon????????

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